Playa del Carmen Reef Dive: ½ Day – Double Fun – 2 Dives

$2.300 4 hours


Open Water Diver

Schedule for diving in Playa del Carmen reefs:
07:45AM OR 11:45AM
Equipment Check and filling required forms
8:15AM OR 12:15
Boarding the Boat at Playa del Carmen Beach for 2 Dives in different reefs
(Either 2xShallow or 1xDeep + 1xShallow)
Surface-interval with fresh Water provided on the Boat between Dives
11:45AM OR 3:45 PM 
Back at Playa del Carmen Beach from where you’re brought to your vacation-home.

Playa del Carmen Reef – 2 Dives

There are a great variety of different reefs and SCUBA dive spots around Playa del Carmen to visit.
You can have a closer look on which dive sites Playa del Carmen offers and what to expect from them in our Blog: 10 Amazing Dive Sites in Playa del Carmen

From shallow reefs to deep wrecks, shark point and incredible drift-dives!
During your dive day we will take you to two of the best SCUBA Diving spots in Playa del Carmen.

In a half-day excursion we will take you to dive two different dives – all reachable in boat trips of less than 20 minutes from the shore of Playa del Carmen – Coco Beach.
Early in the morning we meet to check your equipment and your instructor will give you a detailed briefing about the scheduled dives and safety procedures, as well as about what you can expect from the upcoming dive!

Your instructor will answer any questions about logistics, marine life and how your dive profiles are going to look like, to ensure you have the best possible experience.
Together you will board a fully equipped and licensed diving boat at the beach,
set up your equipment and after your buddy check, jump into the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, for some memorable, fascinating dives.

Between the dives, you will be offered fresh purified water and some snacks to reload your energy for the next dive!
After finishing the second dive your instructor will take care of any rental equipment, and you will be brought back to the shore and from there to your initial pickup location.
You will fill in log books with your instructor and have a chance to ask some last questions. If you plan to dive more, your instructor can inform you about several options and possible dives that suit your level.

What can I see SCUBA Diving in Playa del Carmen Reefs?

There is a wide variety of marine life to be found around the reefs off Playa del Carmen’s shore.
The reefs reach from 6 meters depth to approximately 35 meters, and there is plenty to see in each of them.
Almost always you’ll see the furious-looking green moray eel – one of the biggest of its kind.
Usually not very far there are great schools of fish, grunts, and reef fish, you will find Atlantic spade fish in some reefs
and an occasional jackfish or barracuda chasing by through the currents.

Shallow reefs allow us to see more macro-life, flamingo-tongues, arrow crabs and Christmas tree worms are common sightings.
There are lionfish to find under rocks, crabs, and lobsters of sometimes impressive sizes.
Every now and then you can observe a turtle eating or getting cleaned in the reef cleaning stations too!

If you’re very lucky you can spot an octopus, some sting rays, and flounders camouflaging into the reefs and sand!
Make sure to check out the seasonal marine-life report on the PADI Blog about Playa del Carmen SCUBA Diving
to know what to look for during your dives!

Is there Shark Diving in Playa del Carmen?

Yes! The best time to dive in Playa del Carmen with Bull Sharks is from November until February, to have the unique opportunity to dive with those gentle giants here!
Check out here for more information about Bull Shark Diving in Playa del Carmen!

What Courses can I do in Playa del Carmen?

Almost all of the SCUBA Diving Courses we offer can be conducted in Playa del Carmen off a Boat (besides PADI Cavern Diver).
Reef conditions and a variety of different reefs allow for many different dives and therefore setups for courses.

The shallow reefs which we can reach in less than 5 minutes with the boat are perfectly suitable for any fundives or entry-level courses,
deeper reefs allow for a PADI Deep Diver certification and we even have a cool wreck south of Playa to explore!

Check out which PADI Courses and Continuing Education we offer Here!

Not certified yet? Start training for your certification today or book a Discover SCUBA Diving Class to try diving!

More Questions?

Make sure to Contact Us to clarify any doubts before booking!

If you’re not sure yet where it is, that you want to dive, our Blog about Is Diving Better in Cozumel or Playa del Carmen will for sure provide you with more details and tips!

Haven’t dived in a while?

Playa del Carmen reefs are an optimal playground for all those divers who got a little bit rusty recently. If you still feel quite confident and have several dives under your belt, a shallow reef dive might be your best bet.
If you’re not sure, take the step and take a refresher course! Here’s why!

Planning to dive more?

Check out this perfect mix of 6 different dives or Inquire about your desired package for your next Playa del Carmen SCUBA diving trip!

We can customize diving packages to your convenience and experience level!



  • Instructor
  • Transport
  • Tanks/Weights
  • Water
  • Marine Park Fees
  • 2 Dives


  • Equipment Rental
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