Mystic Wonders – Ultimate 5 Day Cenote Diving Package

$16.650 5 days


Advanced Open Water Diver, Excellent Buoyancy, +25 Dives, Age +15

If you’re traveling to the Riviera Maya for cenote diving, look no further, as we took the time and feedback of our divers to create the ultimate cenote diving package for advanced divers looking for a new adventure. Chosen from the most beautiful cenotes between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, this cenote package features all our favorite bucket-list dives to take home some unique memories from the Riviera Maya.

5 Days –  8 Cenotes – 10 Dives: The Ultimate Cenote Diving Package

This cenote diving package is created for divers who already obtained their advanced open water certification, a minimum experience of 25 previous dives, and flawless control over their buoyancy.

To create this unique diving package, we based our choices of dive sites on the feedback of our divers.
We took their favorite cenote combinations and made a schedule that builds up to the more complex dives over the five days.

After booking your cenote diving package and sending us your diver information, you will receive exact pick-up times for your location and we’re set for your dives.

Day 1 – Check-Out Dive at Cenote Garden of Eden & Cenote Chikin Ha 

cenote package garden of eden
Diving Along the Guideline in Cenote Garden of Eden


On the first diving day we ensure all equipment fits well and works as intended, fill out mandatory paperwork, and drive to the first Cenote: Garden of Eden.

To ensure your comfort underwater, we require every diver to complete a check-out dive in the open water area of the Garden of Eden Cenote before entering any cavern underwater. This cenote is located just 5 minutes south of Puerto Aventuras and offers a huge open water area to explore surrounded by jungle and nature.

After our warm-up dive in Cenote Garden of Eden, we drive to Cenotes Chikin Ha, where we do our second dive of the day. Here we dive from Cenote Chikin Ha to Cenote Rainbow, which lives up to its name as we slowly approach its surface. Both cenotes are connected through an underwater tunnel. In this dive we can admire the meeting of salt and fresh water, called a halocline.

Both our dives here can last anywhere from 35-55 minutes, depending on your air consumption and level of comfort.

Day 2 – Cenote Dos Ojos: Batcave & Barbieline 

Cenote Diving Package Dos Ojos
dive guide leading through Cenote Dos Ojos


The second day of our ultimate cenote diving package starts with a 45-minute drive to Cenote Dos Ojos Park. The Cenotes Dos Ojos Park offers multiple cenotes, with this dive site undoubtedly being the most famous one.

Cenote Dos Ojos offers two different dives from the same entry, making logistics easy for the day.
“The Barbie line” is a not-to-underestimate entry-level cenote dive, that offers mindblowing speleological formations, a beautiful light-filled section diving through the second Dos Ojos Cenote, and the typical glass-clear cenote visibility one might expect.

Our second dive and guideline at Cenote Dos Ojos lead us through darker areas and along huge formations, into the so-called “Batcave”. A huge air-filled dome partially flooded with water with just a small opening that allows daylight to fall into appears some minutes into the dive.
Here we can surface and admire some still actively growing speleothems and – who would have thought – tons of bats!

As both of these dives have a maximum depth of 8 meters, our dives here are limited by our air consumption and usually last between 45 – 60 minutes.

Day 3 – Cenote Angelita & Carwash Cenote

cenote diving package cenote angelita sign
This way to Cenote Angelita!

A longer drive passing Tulum will start our day number 3 of this cenote diving package. We’re heading to Cenote Angelita in the morning, located approximately one hour and 30 minutes south of Playa del Carmen.

Arriving at Cenote Angelita, the magic lies below the surface.
This cenote dive is very unique, as it’s an open, cylinder-formed cenote with a maximum depth of more than 50 meters. We find very few speleological formations here, but certainly has some mindblowing features for divers.

Approaching our maximum dive depth during our descent here, we can observe a cloud-like hydrogen-sulfide layer appearing. At a depth of approximately 30 meters below the surface, it covers the whole width of the dive site.

The setting becomes perfectly mystic with an island of organic debris and trees, that have fallen into the cenote previously, reaching out of the hydrogen-sulfide cloud from the bottom of Cenote Angelita.

Cenote Carwash aka. Cenote Aktun Ha is our second dive site after finishing our dive in Cenote Angelita. It’s located approximately 25 minutes from Cenote Angelita towards Cobá.

Offering a shallow cavern dive and beautiful open water area, this dive is certainly many divers’ favorite of this cenote diving package. Decorated with colorful water lilies, glass-clear water, and impressive formations inside the cavern, Cenote Carwash makes for a great second cenote dive on day 3 of our cenote package.

Cenote Angelita offers a maximum dive-time of approximately 35 minutes, while Cenote Carwash’s shallower depth usually makes dives here approximately 45-60 minutes long.

Day 4 – Cenote The Pit & Cenote Nicte Ha

Remember the Dos Ojos Cenote Park? This is where we’re heading again today, as Cenotes The Pit & Nicte Ha both are located only 10 minutes from each other in the same Park as Dos Ojos Cenote.

Cenote The Pit may be one of the most known cenotes worldwide, and for sure doesn’t come short on reasons for that.
Surrounded by jungle, the Pit has only a small entry area compared to its massive cylinder-like size. In the summer months during midday, with the sun at its highest point, you can witness the light rays falling into the cenote and reaching our maximum depth of 30 meters.
Featuring impressive formations, clear water, a thin halocline, and a cloud-like hydrogen sulfide layer wobbling at our maximum depth, the sheer size of Cenote The Pit seems like just one more reason to put this dive on your bucket list.

After our first dive, we have another colorful but challenging experience at Cenote Nicte Ha waiting for us.
Only 10 minutes from our first dive site, we encounter this less frequented dive site hidden in the Mayan jungle. Cenote Nicte Ha is home to countless colorful water lilies, some tortoises, and small fish and is our entry point for our second dive.

Do not underestimate this dive site’s shallow depth and clear visibility. Contrary to most cenote dives, Cenote Nicte Ha challenges divers buoyancy skills with a moderate flow throughout the cavern. Beautiful views with sunlight shining into some openings, mesmerizing formations, and some bones can be found diving here.

Depending on your air consumption, our exact dive profiles, and the gas used, our dive time at The Pit is approximately 35-40 minutes while at Cenote Nicte Ha our dive can last to approximately 40-55 minutes.

Day 5 – Cenote Dreamgate

Cenote diving package dreamgate
Dreamgate Cenote, surrounded by jungle

Coming to the last dive day of this cenote diving package, you’ll find yourself heading to Cenote Dreamgate as the cherry on the cake. Located about 50 minutes from Playa del Carmen, just short of the Dos Ojos Cenote Park, we turn right-hand into the jungle and after just some minutes park right next to the sinkhole known as Cenote Dreamgate.

This shallow cenote offers two different dives from the same entry:
The so-called upstream dive where water flows from further up the cave system towards the cenote, and the downstream line, which leads from Cenote Dreamgate into another area of the cavern. Both dives are highly decorated by fragile speleothems all over the cavern area. Therefore your buoyancy during this dive really needs to be on the spot!

Our maximum dive depth in this cenote is only 6 meters, but its caverns’ mysterious and obscure environment holds many corners to be explored.
We found this to be the perfect impressive dive site for this cenote diving package, as it’s some otherworldly experience that comes close to how real cave-diving feels like.

Thanks to the shallow depth of this dive site, both our dives here can last up to 60+ minutes depending on your air consumption.

What’s The Benefit of Booking A Cenote Diving Package?

Divers choose cenote diving packages over single dive days to have a fully immersive experience of the different cenotes the Riviera Maya has to offer.
None of the cenotes in this area are the same, as each has very unique characteristics and highlights to offer.

Every diver booking the “Ultimate 5-day Cenote Diving Package” saves 10% off the normal price of each dive day AND we gift each diver a DivePoint Mexico cenote diving t-shirt on top!

Are you looking for a differently combined cenote package or have any questions? Contact us to create your bespoke diving package today!

I’m not yet Advanced Open Water Certified, Can I Book this Diving Package?

As some of the included cenotes require divers to hold an advanced open water diver certificate, we can’t take open water divers or uncertified divers to these dive sites. But no worries, we can either offer you to complete your Advanced Open Water Course during your stay or adjust this diving package to meet your needs and requirements.



  • Transportation from Playa del Carmen to Cenotes and Back
  • Entry-Fee
  • Certified Cenote Dive Guide
  • Dive Lights, Weights and Tanks
  • Nitrox (EANx32) if certified
  • Lunch, Water & Softdrinks
  • 2 Dives per Day


  • Equipment Rental
  • Pick-up from outside Playa del Carmen
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