Open Water Diver Course – 3 fun days

$8.850 3 days


Age +10

Open Water Diver Course in Playa del Carmen

Learn SCUBA Diving in the Caribbean, start today!

Duration: 3 Days 

Meeting Time Day 1: 08:00 AM 
What will we do: Review theory, gear fit, pool session and first breaths underwater! 
When will I be back: Approximately 03:00PM

Meeting Time Day 2: 11:00 AM 
What will we do: Plan dives, review exercises, board the boat and complete the first two Open Water Training Dives!
When will I be back: Approximately 04:00PM

Meeting Time Day 3: 11:00 AM 
What will we do: Plan dives, review exercises, board the boat, complete two more Open Water Training Dives, fill in logbooks and clarify last questions before certification!
When will I be back: Approximately 04:30PM as a certified Open Water Diver


Open Water Diver Course

The (PADI or SDI) Open Water Diver Course is the first entry-level diving-certification you can obtain.
It’s worldwide accepted and allows you to explore the underwater world in a buddy team according to your certification-limits up to a recommended depth of 18 meters.

Start learning today with the Open Water Diver e-learning from home!

What does the Open Water Diver Course contain:

The Open Water Diver Course is separated in three different sections, including confined water (pool) sessions, 4 open water training dives and a Theory-part.


will be completed prior to starting in-water Training, you can complete the theory from home with support from our instructors in case of any questions or doubts.

Confined Water Training Dives

During the confined water sessions you review the previously learnt theory, will learn different skills, behaviour,
communication and exercises on the surface and underwater, together with your instructor.
It’s all about feeling comfortable and safe underwater – so we will repeat these exercises until you do so.
No time-pressure.

It’s important that you understand how the exercises work and why they are important.
You can come up to the surface to talk to your instructor and clarify any doubts at any moment during confined water training.

You will have breaks during Pool-Training and have time to warm up, hydrate and eat something before jumping back in, to complete the section.

Open Water Training Dives

Another part of the Open Water Diver course and prerequisite to become certified are the four open water dives.
Your instructor will guide you along beautiful coral-reefs during these dives – each dive will include a section of repeating
previously learned exercises until you master them and feel comfortable with all the exercises.

During the rest of the respective Training Dives you can practice your buoyancy, admire the marine-life and
simply enjoy the adventure of breathing underwater and becoming a certified diver!

In between open water dives we offer water and snacks on the boat, as well as we debrief and answer questions regarding the previously made  dive.
After the dives we fill in our diving-logbooks and there is time for any open questions.
Once having completed all certification requirements, we will certify you immediately.

After Certification

Congratulations – You will receive a temporary certification card via eMail and can start diving right away!
There is diving spots and underwater adventures for certified SCUBA Divers all over the world, not only here in Mexico.

Make sure to keep diving and keep those skills fresh – There’s a whole new world to explore!

More about the Open Water Diver Course

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The ‘Start your Adventure’-Experience comes packed with 3 days of adventure, 6 dives in the blue caribbean, two PADI Certifications and an unforgettable lifetime memory.




  • Equipment-rental
  • Instructor
  • eLearning
  • Theory-lesson
  • Poolsession
  • Boat-fees
  • Snacks and Water
  • Transportation during Excursion
  • 4 Open Water Training Dives
  • Certification-fee


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