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Yucab Reef, Cozumel: The Perfect Second Tank Dive

Yucab Reef
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Today, we’re taking the plunge into the mesmerizing underwater world of Yucab Reef in Cozumel, where the sea comes alive with vibrant colors, fascinating marine life, and stunning coral formations.

Cozumel is a world-famous diving destination, Jacques Cousteau, the iconic pioneer of underwater exploration, told of the allure of the diving here, and Yucab Reef stands as a testament to the captivating beauty he knew and loved.

We love so many dive sites in Cozumel, and we’re about to share our first-hand experience of Yucab, offering you a glimpse into the magic that awaits beneath the surface.


Yucab Dive Site Characteristics

Depth: 13-18 Meters

Dive time: 45-55 Minutes

Visibility: 25-30+ Meters


Nestled in an area of sand dunes, located between Punta Tunich and Tormentos, you can find Yucab Reef, offering a captivating dive experience with depths ranging from 13-18 meters. As a shallower Cozumel dive site,  it’s often chosen as a second dive after completing a deep dive, such as the Santa Rosa Wall.

You can access this dive site from the shores of Cozumel Island, but you need to cross a field of turtle grass to get to the reef, boats do frequent this dive spot too.

Known for its strong currents, this reef boasts a low-profile structure with reef and corals to peer into as you float effortlessly with the drifting current. For those with excellent air consumption, a strong current may allow you to extend your dive onto the neighboring Tormentos Reef.

drift dive
Let the current allow you to drift!

Diving at Yucab

Divers descend on the south part of the reef, as the current will take them northwards along the beautiful coral and sponge formations found here. You’ll begin your underwater journey in the turtle grass, where stingrays, seahorses, pufferfish, and the elusive Short Big Eye fish may make a rare appearance. And of course, turtles!

Keep your eyes peeled, as this area is also known to be home to lots of spiny lobsters of sometimes impressive sizes due to them being protected by the Cozumel Marine Park. These are found in an almost separated coral patch right at the beginning of the dive, at approximately 13 meters depth.

As you venture deeper, the main part of Yucab Reef unfolds, revealing a spectacle of marine life. This is where you can find a great abundance of marine life and reef inhabitants.  Chances are high you will find some filefish, queen triggerfish, peacock flounders, and smooth trunkfish.  Off the reef usually, there are some barracudas, green turtles, and – every now and then – a southern stingray to be found.

It never seems to be calm around this reef, it’s more like a modern underwater city that never sleeps! You can observe marine life interacting and find scorpionfish and spotted moray eels under crevices on the outermost edge of the reef.


Drift Diving

Drift diving at Yucab, and many Cozumel dive sites, means going with the flow – literally. You need to find your perfect comfortable body position, in neutral buoyancy, and then you can just relax and ride the current as it, effortlessly takes you past the coral and marine inhabitants without the need for constant finning.

Drift diving is about going where the ocean takes you, but be aware of your buddy and dive procedures, and be aware of the direction of the current and your dive plan so you can dive safely.

PADI Digital UW Photographer
Yucab is a great spot for underwater photography

Photography at Yucab

Photographers like this spot too, as the reef is fairly widespread, with plenty of space so that no one disturbs each other looking for cool critters to shoot!

Be sure to peer under the many overhangs that provide shelter from the current, here you’ll find many fish and critters hiding, giving you the chance for stunning underwater photography.


Wildlife Encounters

Yucab Reef surprises divers with a diverse cast of marine characters, including spotted eagle rays, nurse sharks, turtles, stingrays, moray eels, and the elusive Splendid toadfish—an endemic species found only in Cozumel.


Dive at Yucab Reef, Cozumel with DivePoint

Yucab Reef in Cozumel is a dive destination that seamlessly blends colorful beauty with underwater diversity. Whether you’re a diver seeking an exhilarating second dive or a photography enthusiast looking for captivating shots, Yucab Reef promises an unforgettable underwater journey.

As well as the wonderous Cozumel dive sites, DivePoint can also share with you the wonders of the cenotes on the mainland, close to Playa del Carmen.

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