Hello, I’m Christine. Born and raised in Germany, my dream was always to move from Germany somewhere next to the ocean, and do what I love. When I was 10 years I got to dive the first time, in Portugal. I fell in love, and I kept diving and doing courses until I finally became an instructor. Since then I keep learning – but now as well teaching and showing others to enjoy, what I love to.

Since early 2019 I live here in Playa del Carmen with my family, dog and cat. When I’m not diving or doing anything that has to do with it, you will find me next to my dog Sam having a great pawesome time or making Macramé.

I’m having a great time meeting people from around the world, showing and exploring the underwater world with them, exchanging life-anecdotes and being dedicated to making their trip unforgettable.


Location and geography

Located at the east-coast of Mexico, the Riviera Maya is ideal for anybody looking for the perfect combination of culture and nature. This part of Mexico is blessed with a large Caribbean coastal zone – offering white sand beaches all the way down to Belize, including amazing and unique coral reefs in magically clear and warm water. The partially endemic Flora and Fauna you can find in the Riviera Maya is surrounded by the ocean and some beautiful islands and perfectly invites to enjoy your stay.

Tourism and Culture

In the modern touristic centres like Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum there is many different options of restaurants, shopping malls, branded shops, hotels, airbnbs, beach clubs, fitness and wellness, and unique getaways.

Fancy a little time travel into the cultural history of the Yucatan Peninsula? Explore the difference between Mayans and Aztecs, and the different archaeological sites and mayan ruins, which you can visit next to ancient mayan villages in the jungle (Chichen Itza, Coba) or near the ocean (Tulum).

For anyone there is some experiences and things to do around the Riviera Maya. The unique natural and themed parks are known and recommended by visitors worldwide for their variety of activities, wildlife and magnificent locations.



One more reason to come to the Riviera Maya, is the more than 6000 Cenotes you can find in the jungle. Known for centuries as the entrance to Xibalbá, the mayan underworld and serving as entrance points to subterranean underwater caves that have been formed far longer than humanity exists.

There is so many differences in cenotes, that every single one has its very own vibe and ambiente. There is no two of a kind.

 As a refreshing little or bigger pond in the subtropical Mexican climate, the cenotes are the go-to spot of any local and tourist having the will to connect with the nature and see and experience something completely different.

Jumping into the crystal-clear fresh water, zip lining over several cenotes, diving in one of the hundreds of kilometres long cave systems or caverns found in the Yucatan peninsula or simply relaxing in a hammock in the jungle with a passionfruit infused water are just some of the possibilities many of the cenotes offer.

The locations of cenotes differ so much, that far not all are easily reachable. It is estimated that the majority of existing cenotes is still to be found and explored, somewhere deep in the Mexican jungle. Archaeologists, Cave-divers and Explorers are on the search for important historical evidence that could reveal a little more of the local peoples ancestors, history and culture.

Luckily many cenotes are already explored and infrastructure around has grown, which made some very unique cenotes accessible to the public to enjoy their natural relaxing atmosphere.

Due to their variability and possibilities of activities cenotes make perfect and magnificent spots to snorkel, dive, free dive, swim, relax and explore. They are ideal for families with kids, couples or on your own. Bring your swimsuit, towel and relax in the mayan jungle at one of these sacred and mystical places.

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