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Best Wetsuits for Women Scuba Divers (2023 Round-Up!)

best wetsuits for women
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Splash into the world of scuba diving in style and comfort as we gear up to explore the depths of the underwater world in the best wetsuits for women!

Whether you’re a seasoned underwater explorer or a curious beginner ready to take the plunge, finding the perfect wet suit is crucial for an unforgettable diving experience. We’ve rounded up an exciting collection of wet suits that cater to every diver’s needs and preferences.

From the extra thick 7mms,  to the vibrant colored, and curvy-friendly wet suits for women, we’ve got you covered (literally!) in this wetsuit extravaganza. So, buckle up your weight belts, put on your fins, and get ready to make a splash as we backroll into the world of the best wetsuits for scuba diving!


Best Wetsuits For Women

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Best 3mm Wetsuit Scuba for Women

Bare Evoke 3mm Wetsuit

This 3mm Bare Evoke wetsuit, designed by an all-female team, combines innovative warmth-keeping technology with a stylish design inspired by yoga and active-wear.


Best 5mm Wetsuit for Women

Scubapro 5mm Wetsuit

This wetsuit is favored by many instructors due to its warmth and durability! Scubapro is a great brand and will last for years if taken care of!
We also love the extra zippers that make putting it on much easier!


Best 7mm Wetsuit for Women

Aqualung 7mm Galaxy Wetsuit

We love the galaxy pattern on this Aqualung wetsuit! It’s thick, but flexible, giving you top-class warmth – we love it for colder cenote diving days!


Best Plus Size Wetsuit for Women

Henderson 5mm Wetsuit

This 5mm Women’s Henderson Thermoprene Pro wetsuit is both functional and stylish, designed to provide maximum comfort and warmth in cool water temperatures.

Women rave about Henderson wetsuits for fuller frames, saying they are a great choice for wetsuits for curvy ladies.


Best Shorty Wet Suit for Women

Cressi Short Wetsuit

Sometimes you don’t need full-length diving wetsuits, especially when you’re diving in warm tropical waters! This Cressi Lido Short wetsuit gives 2mm of warmth coverage and will protect your shoulders from rubbing against your BCD.


Best Wetsuit For Petite Women

Bare 3/2 Wetsuit

If you’re a little on the shorter side, many scuba girls have said that BARE wetsuits have been a good option for them! This 3/2 wetsuit is super stretchy and the design is modern and stylish.

An alternative for scuba suits for women who are more petite is to look at a larger junior option too!

Best Wetsuit For Budget-Conscious Divers

Scubadonkey 3mm Wetsuit

If you’re on a tighter budget, or maybe you’re a scuba diving beginner, looking to get some first bits of kit, then this colorful wetsuit from Scubadonkey could be a great choice. It’s 3mm and so brightly colored that you won’t mix it up with others at the dive shop!



Best Wetsuit For Diving: FAQs


What Is The Best Wetsuit Thickness For Scuba?

The best wetsuit thickness for scuba diving depends on various factors such as water temperature and personal comfort. As a general guideline, a 3mm to 5mm wetsuit is suitable for warmer waters, while a 7mm wetsuit is recommended for colder temperatures.

However, it’s essential to consider regional variations and individual preferences.

For a more detailed look at wetsuit thickness and its impact on scuba diving, check out this blog!


Are Surfing Wetsuits OK For Scuba Diving?

Surfing wetsuits are not suitable for scuba diving due to several factors. Surfing wetsuits are generally thinner, lack adequate compression resistance, and may lose insulation properties at depth.

Scuba diving wetsuits, on the other hand, are designed to provide thermal protection and withstand compression as divers descend to greater depths.


Is It Better To Size Up Or Down In Wetsuits?

When choosing a wetsuit, it is generally recommended to size down rather than size up. Wetsuits are designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit to prevent water from entering and maintain proper insulation. Sizing up can lead to excess water retention, reduced thermal efficiency, and increased drag.

It’s always a good idea to try on different sizes to ensure you find the best fit for maximum comfort and performance.


What Do I Wear Under A Wetsuit For Scuba Diving?

A swimsuit or a rash guard is suitable to wear under your wetsuit to provide a barrier between your skin and the wetsuit. This helps prevent chafing and enhances comfort.

Some people choose to wear leggings or skin suits, as they can help you to put on a wetsuit more easily.

Avoid wearing bulky clothing as it can affect the wetsuit’s ability to insulate and fit properly. Remember, the wetsuit itself is designed to provide insulation, so a thin layer underneath is all you need to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable dive.


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