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Ocean diving in Cozumel & Playa del Carmen

Being home to amazing coral reefs in magically clear and warm water, ocean diving in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen located in the east of the Yucatan Peninsula, offers an abundant number of SCUBA adventures to experience.
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The mesoamerican reef barrier including Cozumel Island is the second largest in the world, and features a huge amount of marine encounters and different dive sites in either shallow or deeper reefs to dive through. 

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Bull Shark Diving in Playa del Carmen

One of our seasonal specialties is diving with bull sharks! Off the coast of Playa del Carmen you can SCUBA dive with these migrating Bull Sharks every year from end of November throughout February. Don’t miss this opportunity and sign up for your once-in-a-lifetime adventure! 

Cenote Diving - Starter Cenotes

Cenote Diving is probably the nr. #1 reason why many certified divers come to dive Mexico’s mainland. Freshwater ponds surrounded by the mayan jungle Certainly have their unique touch.

Diving into the overhead environment through the cavern-zone requires each participant to follow certain rules and maintaining control of neutral buoyancy throughout the dives to conserve the million of years old dripstone formations.

All these activities include: 

  • Transportation from and to your vacation home in Playa del Carmen
  • Professional Cenote Guide
  • Tanks, Lights and Weights
  • Entry-Fee 
  • 2 Dives
  • Lunch (vegan/vegetarian options available) 
  • Water + Softdrinks 
  • Emergency Equipment 

These Cenotes are considered Level 1 and 2 – perfect options as first-time Cenote dives!
Learn more about Cenote Diving” and which Cenotes offer great dives to try out Cenote Diving for yourself!

Cenote Diving - Intermediate Cenotes

These Cenote combinations bring unique experiences, hide some dripstone adventures and include one deep dive(max 30 meters depth-limit). 


Every participant has to

The Pit and Angelita are considered Level 3 Cenotes due to their maximum depths exceeding recreational diving limits. 

Read more about these mindblowing dives in our Blog about “3 Cenote Diving Experiences for Advanced Divers” and make sure to 

Cenote Diving - Expert cenotes

Got addicted and looking for the really challenging Cenote dives? 

These Cenotes are probably the most advanced dives for recreational divers, and those looking to experience the feeling of real cave-diving before getting certified to do so. 

Cenotes Zapote and Maravilla bring us to the north of Playa del Carmen, and the well known “Ruta de los Cenotes”.  Cenote Zapote also known as Hells Bells is maybe the even most unique and out-worldish dive one can do here without being cave-trained. 

In order to dive them one has to have dived at least one intermediate cenote combination

Cave diving in the riviera maya

For certified Cavern and Full Cave-Divers there is a range of not mentioned Cave Day Cenotes that we can offer regarding your certification level and experience.

For technical Cave Divers up to Multi-Stage, DPV Cave and exploration divers there’s nearly no limits on available dives, maps and caves to dive.

Not cave-certified yet? Get in Touch for further information on cave diving in the Riviera Maya, Training, Logistics or Booking.

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