The Best of The Riviera Maya Diving Package - 3 Days - 6 Fun Dives

$392 3 days


The Riviera Maya Diving Package

If you want to experience the best diving that the Riviera Maya has to offer then you may wish to choose the 3 day diving package.

This allows you 3 days of diving, with one day to explore the famously adored reefs of Cozumel, with its impressive walls and incredible marine life.

One day to visit the reefs of Playa del Carmen, with their wide array of corals and fish, or even the impressive wreck Mama Vina.

And finally a day to visit the incredible cenotes, a MUST for any diver visiting the Riviera Maya. These magical bodies of water are only found in this part of the world! Being a consequence of the comet that wiped out the dinosaurs (no, really!) these freshwater sinkholes, decorated with incredible stalactites, stalagmites, and fossils are a bucket-list trip for any diver.

Our 3 day package offers you a total of 6 dives, which can be flexibly scheduled to your convenience.

If you book the 3 day “The Best of the Riviera Maya Diving Package” you will benefit from a 10% discount on the regular price.

What to expect?

We will pick 6 of the best dives in the area according to your certification level and wishes.

Two dives in Playa del Carmen, another two in Cozumel Island and one day with two dives in the magnificent Cenotes in the Mayan Jungle.




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