Cozumel Reefs 1 Day - 2 Dives

$155 5 hours


Known for being one of the world’s top diving locations, Cozumel Island is a must-do for every diver traveling to Mexico. The colourful coral reefs and wall dives are incomparable with anything else in the world!

The Cozumel speedboat tour starts in the morning with being welcomed and introduced to your instructor. After equipment fitting, a detailed briefing and a final check, we board the fully licensed and equipped diving-boat which will take us on a 30-45 minute journey to our first dive-spot. During this time we will prepare our equipment, weights and have time for some questions and information about the upcoming dives.

After the buddy-check, we enter the water for our first dive. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible coral, the formations and vast amounts of ocean life. Between the dives you will be offered a light snack and fresh purified water. You will switch your tanks and, after a small break and recharging some energy, get ready for the second dive.

After finishing the second dive, the captain will safely bring you back to Playa del Carmen while you disassemble your equipment. The helpful crew and your instructor will be on hand to assist you with tanks, weights and equipment during the whole experience as necessary.


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