PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

$359 3 days


Starting your course with some memorable dives in the Caribbean – you will choose your favourite topics of the course book for two of five dives. The theoretical part can be done either by book and lesson or via the PADI e-Learning (recommended).

The first two shallow dives of your course will be having the topics Underwater Navigation and Peak Performance Buoyancy. During all dives there will be some exercises your instructor will guide you through and brief previously. Learning to improve your hobby alongside beautiful reefs and shoals of fish.

Dive number 3 and one of the mandatory ones is the deep-dive. Your instructor will lead you down to a depth deeper than 18 meters to compare the behaviour of our senses under such pressure and you will learn about safety- and buddy-procedures, planning and avoiding risks conducting deep-dives.

The following two dives are covered by the topics of your choice.

Another part of the course and prerequisite to become certified are the four open water dives. Your instructor will guide you along beautiful coral-reefs during these dives – each dive will include a short section of repeating previously learned exercises. In between open water dives we offer water and snacks on the boat, as well as we debrief and answer questions regarding the last dive. After the dives we fill in our diving-logbooks and there is time for any open questions. After completing the Final Exam we will certify you immediately.


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