Playa del Carmen Reefs: ½ Day - 2 Dives

$89 4 hours


There are a great variety of different reefs and dive spots around Playa del Carmen to visit. From shallow reefs to deep wrecks, shark point and incredible drift-dives! During your dive day we will take you to two of them.

In a half-day excursion we will take you to dive in two different spots – all reachable in boat trips of less than 30 minutes from the shore.

Early in the morning we meet to check your equipment and your instructor will give you a detailed briefing about the scheduled dives and safety procedures, as well as about what you can expect from the upcoming dive!

Together you will board a fully equipped and licensed diving-boat at the Playa del Carmen beach, set up your equipment and after your buddy-check jump into the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, for some memorable, fascinating dives.

Between the dives you will be offered fresh purified water and some snacks to reload your energy for the next dive!


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