Cenote Dreamgate – Extraordinary Dripstone Adventure – 2 Dives

$3.600 7 hours


Advanced Open Water Diver, Excellent Buoyancy, +25 Dives, Age +15, Having dived at least two other Cenotes previously

Cenote Dreamgate

is an open sinkhole, located only 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen in the depths of the jungle.
Despite the setting being a little more rustic than some of the other cenotes, Dreamgate has its very own magic, on the surface as well as underwater.

Two dives can be made from this entry, following different guidelines.
The ambience and incredibly dense and detailed decoration of these maximum 7 meters deep cavern-dives will invite you to take a patient look in every corner, explore the speleothems and get in close eye-contact with the beauty and art that nature has created here over long time.

This Cenote offers only advanced dives, even though it’s fairly shallow with an average depth of 6 meters.
Many divers who visited Cenote Dreamgate were speechless upon surfacing after the dive – as it is one of the most decorated Cenotes recreational divers can visit.

Part of the Sac Actun Cave System!

The cavern is very dark, and requires good buoyancy due to it’s shallow depth throughout both dives.
Two lines lead through either the upstream or downstream section of the cavern-part of Dreamgate system, a part of Sac Actun Cave System.
Constantly growing thanks to some brave explorers work, the Sac-Actun-Cave-System impresses to be the worlds longest submerged cave system up to date.

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This is not a first-time Cenote, to dive Cenote Dreamgate, local rules require any recreational diver to have dived at least two other less advanced Cenotes prior to diving here.

Cave Diving at Cenote Dreamgate

This Cenote offers some very unique and decorated cave dives, complex navigation and several possibilities for unique cave dives.
Please inquire on options for your Certification Level (ONLY FULL CAVE DIVERS + CERTIFIED)



  • Instructor
  • Transport
  • Tanks/Weights/Lamps
  • Lunch and Water
  • Entry Fees
  • 2 Dives


  • Equipment Rental
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