Cave Day – 1 Day – Fun Cave Diving Experience

$5.600 1 day


Full Cave Certified, Age 18+, Proof of Certification and Log – Sites will be chosen accordingly

Cave Day under the jungle of the Riviera Maya

As a certified cave diver booking a Cave Day, you will be taken to the most unique cenotes and provide them with all necessary knowledge, planning and logistics to conduct a successful day of cave diving in the Riviera Maya.

Please note, this experience is only for certified Cave Divers. (Please ask us about completing your cave diving course!)

The Riviera Maya, with its countless submerged cave systems, offer hundreds of different entry points and varying conditions.

The several explored and mapped karst systems come with lots of formations, some diveworthy restrictions, big rooms, tough haloclines and beautiful passages.

Truly a challenge, with rewarding outcomes for those who wish for an advanced diving challenge.

Prior to the dive, we collect your size and equipment requirements and are available to answer all questions and queries about your day.

On the day of the dive, we will meet in the morning to check all of your equipment and answer any further questions you may have. Your instructor will welcome you and make sure everything is ready.

We have more time for questions, and information about the dives on the way to the cenote. Your instructor will drive you in a private truck which is fully insured and licensed.


At the Cenote your instructor will show you the dive area and facilities prior to setting up the equipment with you and giving you a detailed briefing about the upcoming dives. After putting on your wetsuit and completing a buddy-check we enter the water for our dive.

In between dives there is plenty of time to change equipment, have a light lunch, hydrate yourself with water, exchange impressions of your experience and explore the Mexican jungle a little bit.

Your instructor will take care of any rental-equipment and return you to your meeting-location after your last dive.




  • Fully certified Instructor and Cave-guide.
  • Tanks/Weights.
  • Truck and Transportation during Experience.
  • Light Lunch.
  • Snacks/Water.
  • 2 Guided Dives
  • Maps/Safety and Emergency Equipment


  • Entry Fee
  • Rental-Gear
  • Any gas fills besides air, eaNx32% or 36%
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