Cenote The Pit + Dos Ojos

$165 7 hours 30 minutes


The Pit

Cenote The Pit is found a little bit further into the jungle, and it lives up to its name. This Cenote is deeper than average. A magnificent hydrogen-sulfite cloud can be found at around 30 mts depth, and its small entry allows a mighty spectacle as the dazzling sunbeams pierce the crystal clear water to complete the scene on sunny days.

Dos Ojos

Located just 20 minutes from Tulum Centre, Parque Dos Ojos is one of the first parks that opened its gates to the public with easy access and basic facilities.

Surrounded by the mayan jungle, the Park Dos Ojos impresses you with clear blue water to dive, snorkel and take a refreshing swim in.

The Cavern zone of Dos Ojos offers two guidelines which lead through different parts of the cavern.

The maximum depth in both of the dives at this site is 10meters.


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