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Columbia Reef, Cozumel: Swim-throughs, Amazing Depths, and Colors!

Columbia reef
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Get ready to embark on an enchanting dive at Columbia Reef in Cozumel, a dive site distinguished by its beauty and scale. Situated close to Colombia Lagoon, Columbia is a classic Cozumel wall dive and definitely is one to not pass on given the chance to go!

The site’s geological composition consists of coral blocks and platforms, starting at shallow depths and progressively descending to over 90 meters. Beyond this point, the underwater terrain has a vast drop-off which sharply descends further to an astonishing depth of 400 meters.

This dive site lies further south than many on Cozumel, so for that reason, it isn’t visited by divers very frequently, as the dive boats tend to stay closer to home. But if you do get a chance to visit Columbia, you’ll see why it’s a favorite of so many.


Columbia Reef: Two Amazing Dive Sites

Columbia Reef in Cozumel offers the best of both worlds when it comes to dive experiences with its two distinctive sites – the Deep and the Shallow.


Columbia Deep: An Intermediate to Advanced Dive

– Depth: 25-33 Meters

– Dive time: 35-45 Min

– Visibility: 30+ Meters

– Moderate Currents

– Multiple Swim-throughs, High Walls, and Coral Formations


For those seeking an intermediate to advanced dive, the Columbia Deep awaits, offering a myriad of experiences. With moderate currents, divers can navigate through high walls and coral formations. Due to the complexities of this dive, this site is only enjoyable for experienced divers with excellent buoyancy control.

At around 27 meters in depth, divers can explore the many swim-throughs this dive site has to offer on the way northwards, looking out for pelagic life and turtles passing in the deep blue. There’s something so amazing about navigating through the web of pinnacles, coral caves, tunnels, and caverns that have been meticulously crafted by the accumulation of coral over time.

The distinctive coral formations and pinnacle structures found here are decorated by an abundance of marine life, soft sponges, anemones, and more marine life to look for.

Tolerant turtles, spotted eagle rays, octopuses, and occasional reef shark sightings add to the thrill of this deep-sea exploration.


Columbia Reef, Cozumel
You’ll be enthralled by the colors and corals on display at Columbia Reef, Cozumel

Columbia Shallow: Ideal for Beginners:

– Depth: 10-15 Meters

– Dive time: 45-65 Min

– Visibility: 30+ Meters

– Mild Currents in a Protected Bay-like Area


On the other hand, beginners can enjoy the beauty of the Columbia Shallow, where coral heads rise 10-30′ above the sandy ocean floor in a protected bay-like area with mild currents.

This beginner-friendly dive provides a unique opportunity to witness abundant fish and turtles relatively undisturbed by divers.

Encounter a fascinating world adorned with giant barrel sponges, sea fans, and black corals that create an underwater world of a thousand colors.


Diverse Marine Life

Typically, divers see great barracudas, hogfish, queen triggerfish, french angelfish, big groupers, and schools of grunts and blue tangs hanging out and protecting from the current under crevices and reef formations.

But keep your eyes peeled for the chance to see the elusive endemic splendid frogfish, eagle rays, nurse sharks, and turtles.

Columbia Reef Map

Cozumel reefs map
Map from – https://www.reefsofcozumel.com/


Dive at Columbia with DivePoint

Whichever depth you choose (often both on a two-tank trip!), Columbia Reef promises a magical underwater journey, where every dive reveals a stunning blend of marine life and vibrant coral formations.

So, gear up, dive in, and let DivePoint take you deep beneath the warm Caribbean waters of Cozumel and introduce you to the wonders that lie beneath the surface.

Not only can DivePoint show you the wonders of Cozumel, but we can also introduce you to the bull sharks in Playa del Carmen, and introduce you to the magic of the cenotes too. Check out our diving packages for more details.

Safe diving and may your Columbia Reef adventure be filled with awe and excitement!


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