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Dive Sites: Santa Rosa Wall, Cozumel, Mexico

Santa Rosa Wall
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The Santa Rosa Wall, Cozumel is a must-visit dive site for any diving enthusiast. Find out why in this ultimate guide!

Santa Rosa Reef, Cozumel: The Ultimate Guide

Cozumel, Mexico is one of the top destinations for scuba diving in the world, and the Santa Rosa Wall is a must-visit dive site for any diving enthusiast. This site is located on the southwest coast of Cozumel and is part of the Santa Rosa Reef, which is a protected marine park.

Santa Rosa is probably the most famous Cozumel wall dive, and is known for its stunning underwater landscapes, including a vertical drop-off that plunges to depths of over 6,000 feet.


Santa Rosa, Cozumel

Santa Rosa is a well-loved site by divers who visit Cozumel. Divers love this spot for its several swim-throughs formed by coral structures and the biodiversity along the reef.

Columns of coral have formed to impressive heights, with different colonies and sponges decorating the formations, and giving a home to countless species. From small fish to sharks, here you can find it all!

Between the coral columns, the stripes of sand drop into the nearly vertical abyss. Divers start the dive at approximately 20 meters depth on the inside of the coral plateau of the wall.

Cruising along overhangs, looking into crevices, and diving through swim-throughs allows divers to encounter lobsters, black and Nassau groupers alongside great barracudas in the current.

Encountering the edge of the almost vertical drop-off gives you the sensation of flying through a different world, or reaching the limits of outer space!


Santa Rosa Facts and Figures

Depth: 23-35+ Meters

Dive time: 30-45 Minutes

Visibility: 30+ Meters

Expect to see a lot of marine life, including turtles at the Santa Rosa Wall

Marine Life

Divers can expect to see a variety of marine life, including schools of fish, moray eels, lobsters, and turtles. The wall is covered in colorful coral formations, sponges, and sea fans, making it a paradise for underwater photographers.

In the deeper sections along Santa Rosa Wall there are nurse sharks patrolling the reef and queen angelfish are a common encounter here.

Towards the end of the dive, after spotting the Queen Triggerfish that reside here, divers ascend onto the reef plateau to observe schools of fish, look for splendid Toadfish, and end the dive over the shallow sandy parts of this site.



One of the most exciting aspects of the Santa Rosa Wall is the strong currents that can be found in the area.

While this can be intimidating for some divers, experienced divers will appreciate the challenge and the opportunity to see larger marine life, such as sharks and rays, that are attracted to the currents.


How to get to Santa Rosa Reef?

Divers can access the Santa Rosa Wall from boats that depart from the island’s main harbors, or from the direct dive boat that leaves from Playa del Carmen. The dive site is located in the marine park, which has strict rules and regulations to protect the reef, and divers must follow guidelines to ensure they do not damage the delicate ecosystem.

In addition to the Santa Rosa Wall, there are many other dive sites to explore in Cozumel, including the Palancar Reef and the Punta Sur Wall.


scuba diving package
Cozumel has beautiful reefs, including Santa Rosa

Dive Santa Rosa, Cozumel, with DivePoint Mexico

The Santa Rosa Wall in Cozumel, Mexico, is a world-class dive site that offers stunning underwater landscapes and exciting currents for experienced divers.

With its vibrant marine life and colorful coral formations, the Santa Rosa Wall is a must-visit dive site for any diving enthusiast visiting Cozumel.

Why not combine your diving in Cozumel, with some dives in Playa del Carmen, and in the Cenotes for the ultimate scuba diving package!

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