Cenote The Pit + Nicte Ha – 2 incredible Dives

$3.800 7 hours


Advanced Open Water Diver, Excellent Buoyancy, +25 Dives, Having dived at least two other Cenotes previously


Meeting Time: 08:00 – 08:30AM
Equipment Check and Paperwork
Drive to Cenote the Pit: 40 min approx.
History about the Pit, Cavern-dive briefing and first dive
Lunch and relaxed surface interval at Juanita Restaurant with local food choices and fresh fruit juices – definitely worth a try! (Vegetarian and Vegan options available)
Second dive at Cenote Nicte Ha (located in the same park – 5 min drive)
Drive back to Playa del Carmen: 40 min approx.
Back at approx. 03:30PM.

Cenote The Pit

This Cenote is found a little bit further into the jungle, and it lives up to its name.
It’s located in the Dos Ojos Park and takes us approximately 40 minutes to get to from Playa del Carmen.
The Pit is much deeper than the average Cenotes in the area.

A magnificent hydrogen-sulfite cloud can be found at around 30 mts depth, and its small entry allows a mighty spectacle as the dazzling sunbeams pierce the crystal clear water to complete the scene on sunny days.
Cenote The Pit
At around 30 meters is our maximum depth for this dive, we will see lots of rock formations, incredibly huge speleothems frozen in time and a small debris islandgrowing out of the smoke-like cloud at depth.

We will ascend circling the Pit and enjoying the different views, and make a safety stop before ending the dive.

Nicte Ha

Cenote Nicte Ha (formerly and also known as ‘High Voltage’) is located in the same park as Dos Ojos and The Pit.
As a shallow but advanced dive, it is perfect for experienced divers who find interest in lots of water-lilies,
light rays and a little narrower passages, challenged by a decent flow throughout the cavern.

Only experienced divers with excellent buoyancy-control and anti-silting propulsion techniques can enjoy this dive to the fullest.
The maximum depth for this dive is 8.5 meters and there is various formations to enjoy and admire.

Further Info on SCUBA Diving in Cenotes Pit + Nicte Ha

This is an advanced Cenote diving combination, and local rules require recreational divers to have dived two less advanced Cenotes prior to diving in Cenote The Pit.
This is due to its absolute maximum depth.
Nitrox/Enriched Air certified divers will be provided Nitrox 32% for free.

Not sure about meeting skill-requirements for these dives?
Take a Propulsion/Trim/Buoyancy Workshop with us to advance your skill and confidence level in-water before jumping into The Pit and Nicte Ha!
Drop us a line for further information.

Click Here for more about The Pit!

Snorkeling at Cenote Nicte Ha

Cenote Nicte Ha is a beautiful Cenote for Divers as for non-divers!
It’s relatively big open water area and shallow depth (1.5-3.5 meters in open water area) allows to explore lots of corners with only a mask and snorkel!
This Cenote is beautifully decorated by hundreds of water lilies growing in the Cenote and on the surface.
It’s clear water and natural jungle-surroundings make an unique gem to hang out throughout the day and connect with nature.

There is Iguanas to find and various small fish to snorkel with inside the Cenote.
Watch the divers descend into the darkness of the cavern and ascend back into light after their dives!

Have non-diving family or friends accompanying you on vacation?

Bring them on this Tour and have them enjoy the day with you, hang out at the Cenote and explore the jungle that surrounds it!
Live-vests, Changing Rooms, Bathrooms are available on-site. Please CONTACT US for further information!



  • Instructor
  • Transport
  • Tanks/Weights/Lamps
  • Lunch and Water
  • Entry Fees
  • 2 Dives


  • Equipment Rental
  • Camera-Fee if applicable – to be paid at the Cenote Entrance
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