PADI Rescue Diver

$349 3 days


You want to become a better dive-buddy and discover your inner hero? Sign up for the PADI Rescue Diver Course and start e-Learning today! Sounding very serious we guarantee you a lot of fun during the course. While learning to deal with minor and major dive related emergencies as well you learn avoiding problems underwater by proper preparation and planning. Stress-management, self rescue and emergency equipment are just some of the topics regarding the course. All Theory can be done online via PADI e-Learning or with the course book and lessons. Your instructor will demonstrate and teach you rescue-techniques underwater and on the surface during various exercises and scenarios.

Building confidence while mastering skills and increasing knowledge will prepare you to be an even better diver and make your future buddies feel safe diving with you.

The course will be partly conducted in the pool and finished in the cenote. After the last Rescue-scenario, filling in logbooks and passing the final exam you will be certified immediately (as all requirements are met).


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