2 Day Diving Package - Caribbean Day and Night

$319 2 days


Caribbean Day and Night – what is it?

Experience 2 days with 5 dives! Submerge into the underwater world of the Riviera Maya with the Caribbean day and night Package. Taking this package allows you to benefit from a 5% discount compared with booking these experiences separately

What to expect?

You will get a taste of the local Playa del Carmen and Cozumel reefs during 5 dives with your certified guide.

Day One will start early with two dives in the local reefs of Playa del Carmen.

After being dropped off at the meeting point you  will have time to take a lunch break, relax and prepare for the upcoming Night dive.

You will be diving after sunset on Playa del Carmen reefs and have the chance to observe some unique wildlife habits during the cover of darkness at nighttime.

Day Two will include two dives in the worldwide renowned reefs of Cozumel. We cross over to the island with a fast boat from Playa del Carmen that takes us directly to our dive spots. During the surface interval you’ll be offered fruit, snacks and fresh water. After the dives the boat will cross back to Playa and drop you and your guide off at the meeting point. You will be back around 2pm.




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