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Bull Shark Diving – Once-In-A-Lifetime-Experience – 2 Dives

$189 5 hours


Advanced Open Water Diver, Age +15

Bull Shark Diving

Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime experience and come bull shark diving! Every winter season between November until February, we have the chance to observe these gentle giants near the coast of Playa del Carmen! 

The bull sharks that congregate here mostly are pregnant females, who spend their gestation period along the coast of Playa before disappearing in springtime to give birth in the hidden mangroves further south along the coast. 
This is an observation dive, with tight protocols regarding safety, due to the depth and potential hazards of diving with these magnificent creatures. 
Often we have the chance to see the Bull Sharks already pre-season in the deeper dive sites, with slightly colder temperatures.
There’s no guarantee though, but when we see them it’s always a nice surprise.

What to expect? 

We meet in the morning (or around noon for afternoon dives) and your instructor will check your scuba equipment with you, as well as give you a detailed briefing about the upcoming dives.
Please be aware that any personal or rental equipment containing the colors red, yellow, white or neon colors are prohibited during bull shark dives by local rules.
We will provide you any missing pieces in case you can’t take your personal gear during the bull shark dive.
After checking your certification and filling in paperwork, we start to get ready for the bull shark diving. 
Your instructor will answer any questions about the dives and what to expect, how to behave and how the Bull Sharks will behave during your dive.

The boat ride from Playa del Carmen is only about 5 minutes long, and after you have set up your equipment and completed your buddy-check, you’ll drop into the 25 meter deep water and descend for your first dive with the sharks.
Make sure you communicated and cleared any doubts before entering the water.
On the bottom of the ocean you will stay at approx. 25msw depth admiring the gentle bull sharks circling around you.
But no worries.
Even though they can come close, the sharks are less interested in divers than you would expect.
During the surface interval you’ll have enough time to change equipment, exchange your impressions and drink some water.

Then you’ll head for a second dive, a little shallower at a reef close to the bull shark point.
Here you’ll see dazzling corals and huge schools of fish, with a decent chance to observe some stingrays in the nearby sand, looking for crabs and other type of invertebrates to feed on.
After the dive, your instructor will take care of all rental equipment and the boat will bring us back to your meeting point at the beach.
Make sure to bring your logbook to log your dives afterwards!

Want to know more about Shark Diving?

Click Here for some more detailed information about the Bull Sharks in Mexico from the PADI Blog!

During the Bull Shark Dive Experience we ask all our divers to follow local rules and avoid certain behaviour underwater, for the safety of every participant and the Sharks.
Please ask our staff members if you’re unsure about anything.

Make sure to read and accept our Terms & Conditions before booking your Bull Shark Diving Experience.
Local rules prohibit divers wearing bright and neon colors on any parts of their equipment, such as yellow, orange and red.
For the same reason, camera flashes and video lights are not allowed in the whole marine park.

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  • Instructor
  • Transport during the Experience
  • Tanks and Weights
  • Boat Fee
  • Marine Park Fee
  • Fruit and Water
  • 2 Dives (1 Bull Shark Dive + 1 Reef Dive) 


  • Equipment-Rental
  • Photographer
  • Camera-Rental
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