Terms & Conditions

Reservation and Booking

Safety Equipment is present and functional, safety requirements are met on all boats used during Experiences provided.

You can modify your Booking at no cost up to 24h before the experience starts.

The Company reserves the right of changing schedules or canceling activities due to weather conditions or major forces. (see Cancellation and Refunds)

Regarding Courses, payment does not guarantee certification. The Student will be only certified when all certification-requirements are met.

Any Experience requires a Medical Questionnaire to be filled. In case of doubts regarding health conditions the company can require a Medical Statement issued by a Doctor. (Can be arranged locally) In case of minors this needs to be signed by a parent.

To participate in in-water activities you are required to show proof of certification for all non-entry-level experiences. Entry-level Experiences and Courses require a minimum age of 10 years. Some other Courses and Cenotes require a higher age to participate.

You need to agree and sign the Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Forms before entering any in-water activities. In case of minors, these need to be signed by a parent.

Cancellation and Refunds

Customer Cancellation

Cancellation is possible in any moment by the customer. Refunds can be made 100%, if cancelled until 24h before the experience starts.

100% refunds can NOT be made for cancellations later than 24h before the experience starts.

Exception: Cancellation due to medical conditions which prevent the customers ability to take part in the activity. For refund we need a medical statement signed by a doctor as proof. In this case the customer receives a 100% refund.

If the customer show symptoms of being under influence of drugs or alcohol, the experience will be cancelled and no refund made.

If a student cancels a booked course, refunds can only be made for in water activities up to 24h before – not for eLearning or any other material provided. If during the Experience or Course the participant decides to rather not continue or does not show the ability to meet course-requirements after training, no refund can be made.

If the customer does not show up on time, shows symptoms of being under influence of drugs or alcohol the Experience will be cancelled. No refund will be made.

If the Customer leaves the experience prior to its end, no refund will be made.

The Company is not responsible for any illegal or criminal act committed by the Customer during the Experience. In this case the Customer can be excluded from the Experience with no refund made.

Company Cancellation

IF the Company cancels the Experience due to any reason, the company will offer you an equal experience, if refused a refund is made.

Although everything possible is made to ensure fulfilling Customers expectation, the Company is not responsible for compensation to the Customer, if forced to cancel or change experiences schedule due to major forces like war, natural disaster, fire, civil strike/riots, traffic congestion or closure, harbour closure or other circumstances out of our control that prevent us from realising the Experience in time. Anyway if the Company has to cancel the Experience, any payment provided by the Customer will be refunded.


To confirm your booking, payment is due until 24h before your Experience starts.

Your reservation can be cancelled if the payment was not received in time and not cancelled by the customer.

Rental Equipment

All Rental Gear has to be treated accordingly, with respect and care. Damages of Rental Equipment are charged to the customer, if caused by inproper use or handling during excursions.

All recreational equipment parts are charged 5$US per day/person for rent.

Whole Equipment Rental is 25$US (Mask/Fins/Suit/BCD/Regulator/Weights/Lights)

Side-mount equipment rental is 50$US per day/person all inclusive.


To assure our customers safety in all moments, we ask you to follow instructions given by the dive-professional and staff.

You are responsible for showing up in a healthy and fit state, ready for diving

It’s prohibited to touch/take marine-life and their ecosystems.

Instructors are not permitted to take cameras during training dives and Cenote Experiences

Glass Bottles, Containers or other are not permitted on boats

All Transportation is licensed and vehicles serviced up to date.

Boats are licensed and have all mandatory permits issued.

Covid19 Prevention

  • During all moments of the Experience it is mandatory to use a face-mask to cover mouth and nose while out of the water.
  • Staff is advised to wash hands regularly and hand-sanitiser will be available in any moment.
  • It’s recommended to practise social distancing in the Boats, Cenotes and Diving-Spots.
  • Rental Equipment underlays special cleaning-rules. Masks/Suits/Regulator Mouthpieces are washed, sanitised and/or changed after every use and left to dry completely before using again.
  • We strongly advise you to keep equipments separated and to not interchange any personal items in between divers.

All Diving Experiences

To assure your safety and individual attention by your guide the maximum group size for Ocean Experiences is 4 persons per guide.

To meet local requirements and assure your safety, the maximum group size for Cenote Experiences is 4 persons per guide.

All Cenote Dives in Overhead Environment require prior proof of at least Open Water Certification

Depending on your skill level the guide may change the destination in your interest for an easier divesite to improve your experience.

All physical Contact with marine-life is prohibited. During all Experiences participants agree to follow rules given by their guide/staff.

Bull Shark Diving

We do not realise Shark Feeding Activities and all alimentation of, and physical contact with Sharks and/or other marine-life is strictly prohibited during any Dives. All divers have to agree  and follow rules given by their guide and staff.

All Shark Diving Experiences require prior proof of certification to participate.

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